Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for a quick result

The active ingredient of EmuCare is emu oil. Emu oil consists of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Besides anti-inflammatory properties these fatty acids play a significant role by the building of new skin cells. What makes EmuCare so special is the high concentration of these fatty acids which gives a fast and efficient operation.


Which product do I use for psoriasis?

The range of EmuCare products consists of Oil, Oil/Gel, Cream and Shampoo. The Oil and Oil/Gel consist of the highest concentration emu oil (90 – 99%), and are specifically suitable for serious skin problems and will be applied in the first phase of treatment. The cream has a lower concentration emu oil (30%) and is mainly used as a follow-up product.Click here for an overview of all EmuCare products.



Try EmuCare?

Would you like to find out if EmuCare solves your skin problem? Just to try EmuCare we have the EmuCare Oil mini-flacon 10 ml. You only pay for transport costs (€ 5) and within 3 – 6 days you will know if EmuCare is the solution for your skin problems.

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