Dry Skin

Products for Dry Skin

Emoe oil is an excellent moisturizer which can be used as a basis for cosmetic products. Emoe oil improves the hydration of the skin, which decreases the dehydration of the skin. The skin is more flexible. For the treatment of dry skin there are various EmuCare products with each different concentrations of emu oil. Pure emu oil will be experienced as very greasy. The higher the concentration of emu oil in the product, the greasier it will be experienced.

  • EmuCare Oil/Gel (90%)
  • EmuCare Cream (30%)

EmuCare Oil/Gel

EmuCare Oil/Gel consists of 90% emoe olie. Because of the high concentration of emu oil this product will be experienced as very greasy, but is therefore very suitable fotr the treatment of extreme dry skin like ichthyosis (scaled skin).

EmuCare Cream

EmuCare Cream consists of 30% emu oil. Because the lower concentration of emu oil, this product will penetrate the skin easier and feels less greasy. Therefore the cream is very suitable as follow up product after the treatment with the oil/gel.