Burn Wound Products

Products for treatment of burn wounds

There are several products for the treatment of burn wounds. EmuCare Oil consists of the highest concentration of 99% emu oil. EmuCare Oil/Gel is a gel which consists of a high concentration of pure emu oil (90%) and beeswax. This product can be easily applied on the skin. Very suitable to treat larger surfaces. EmuCare Cream consists of 30% pure emu oil and is a nourishing cream for daily use and very suitable for the follow-up treatment.

  • Burn wound products: Oil, Oil/Gel, Cream
  • Different concentrations of emu oil
  • The higher the concentration, the more effective the treatment

When do I use which product?

EmuCare Oil and Oil/Gel are almost similar products. The Oil can be experienced as very greasy. To meet the objections we have developed the Oil/Gel which is easier to apply and feels less greasy. To start the treatment we advice to begin with the EmuCare Oil or Oil/Gel. After a while you can follow-up with the use of EmuCare Cream. You will experience that the cream is easier/more comfortable to apply.


Here you find a table for comparing various EmuCare products:

Product Packaging Definition Which complaints?
100 ml
250 ml
  • 99% emu oil
  • 1% vitamin E
  • No preservatives

Attention: Often experienced as very greasy

Severe burn wounds
50 ml
100 ml
500 ml
  • 90% emu oil
  • Contains preservatives

Easy appliance; less greasy than EmuCare oil

Severe burn wounds
50 ml
100 ml
500 ml
  • 30% emu oil

Mainly used as follow-up product

For the follow-up of burn wounds