Double Blind Study

In 2011- 2012 Hallym University in Korea has executed a double blind study about the effect of EmuCare Oil and EmuCare Cream for the treatment of 2nd and 3rd degree burn wounds. During this study 30 patients have been treated with EmuCare Oil and Cream during 12 months. The results have been compared with a control group who were treated with the normal therapy.

During this study 60 patients were treated with EmuCare in the period of February – June 2011. Skin elasticity, water permeability, pigmentation and redness have been measured. The following improvements have been established:

  • Skin elasticity: 50%
  • Water permeability: 40%
  • Pigmentation: 30%
  • Redness: 11%

Summary of the study

The results of the study have been presented on the APBC (Asian Pacific Burn wound Congress) in Bangkok in 2011 and at the ABA (American Burn Association) in Seattle in 2012. Herewith you can find the summary of the presentation: